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Natural Disaster Plug & Play Email Templates

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prepare yourself - a freebie

Please know that I hope you NEVER have to use these email templates. However, as a friend and as a survivor of Hurricane Harvey, I want you to be as prepared as possible and many times after a natural disaster, words are hard to find. In which case, these templates can help. 

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You know where to incorporate good lighting or what makes a venue structurally sound for suspended arrangements or what floor plans flow best on wedding days. What you don’t know is what the path to venue ownership looks like.

Where and how do you get started? Do you even have what it takes?


Are you a wedding vendor that’s been taking notes at each venue you’ve served your clients in?

I believe you do.

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Jump start your business by engaging The Venue Academy!

"... you can’t afford to not use the resources available in The Venue Academy. My wife and I decided to open a wedding venue, and never having run one before, we scoured the internet looking for information. There are very limited resources available. The key to your business' success is preparation. Do not waste your time learning from your mistakes. Do yourself a huge favor and jump-start your business by engaging The Venue Academy. You'll make up any costs quickly by eliminating the revenue you would lose while trying to figure out all the contracts and infrastructure necessary to make your operation run smoothly."

- Texas Venue Owner

"We learned that brides are a different species altogether..."

"Coming from the corporate world we felt pretty confident in our entrepreneurial knowledge and business know-how. Unfortunately, we learned that brides are a different species altogether. Lindsay taught us the psychology behind selling to them and seeing how she interacted with couples was definitely eye-opening. All of this fed into a successful client experience, systems, tools, and workflows specific to our brand and ultimately elevated our client experience. Thanks to Lindsay, the venue is our most successful investment and it gives us the freedom to live the life we want."

- California Venue Owner