operating a wedding venue involves more than meets the eye

From construction, maintenance & renovations to wedding timelines & client contracts
... there’s a lot on your plate.

That’s where I come in.

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You’ve heard all the buzzwords flying around about wedding venues: 

You need an expert guiding you with more than a decade of experience and enough market research to write a book on the wedding venue industry.

What you don’t hear a lot of is the HOW …

How to write a business plan, get funding, develop your property,  price your packages, find clients & protect your investment …

- Smart Investment
- Retirement Plan
- Family Legacy

*Cue casual wave & coy smile Kate Middleton style*

Since 2016, my team and I have helped more than 700 venue owners  secure funding, scale for sustainable growth, and everything in between—accounting for more than $46M in revenue to date.

There is actually a wrong way
to run a wedding venue.

It has nothing to do with the style of your buildings or the picturesque views, and everything to do with whether or not you build a business that can actually sustain seasonal demand … and succeed when the  going gets tough & things get busy.

Because—in the wedding industry—if there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that the going will get tough AND things will get busy. 

My Team and I can help you . . .

Develop a venue that stands out among your competition & stands up to industry expectations.


Plan for a business that doesn’t have you at the helm managing all. the. things.

Whether it’s automating systems, hiring, delegating, or one of the other-ings … we’ll help you make sure everything's getting done without you doing everything.


And, last but definitely not least . . .

We’ll help you build (from the ground up or from the get-up) a wedding venue business that aligns with your long-term vision—whether that’s your family’s business for the next hundred years or your third-act retirement plan before you plant your toes in the water, bum in the sand on some dreamy beach somewhere.


yes please!

Let’s get down to business.

There are a lot of really lovely
moments in this industry—

That look on a groom’s face when his bride walks down the aisle …

The exhilarating feeling of a full dancefloor and the bride’s father  signaling the DJ to keep it going (timeline be damned) … 

And, that moment at the end of the night when the couple pulls off in their getaway car and everyone breathes a collective sigh of
We did it—they’re married! ” …

But if you get too stuck on the fairy tale of it all—you’ll miss the part where you create YOUR happily ever after.

That’s where we come in:

While there is a wrong way to run a venue, there’s no ONE right way. Spanish-style hacienda in the middle of Texas? Let’s do it! On-site accommodations? Heck yes. A plan to sell this puppy off in 10 years? Puh-leeze. Whatever your heart’s desire, we can (probably) make it happen.

Freedom & Flexibility

If a person can be nerdy about data, it’s me—I look at your location, regional wedding trends, financials, land assessments, and more to determine the best plan of action for your wedding venue–and it’s all based on research, not “good vibes” or “what worked for me.”

Data-Backed Strategy

I’ve taken notes—lots of ‘em—at the most popular wedding venues in the world. What worked, what didn’t, & what could’ve been better … and I bring them all to you right smack in the middle of your cow pasture (or ya know, whatever you’ve got goin’ on right now.) 

Industry-Proven Vision

If our front porch on the Internet had a welcome mat: 
it’d probs say something like “Chin Up, Buttercup.”

(After all, the numbers aren’t too shabby.)





Wedding Venue Owners through The Venue Academy® & 1:1 services

Total revenue from the Lindsay Lucas portfolio of wedding venue clients since 2016

Wedding venues Lindsay owns … meaning *this* was always her plan for her biz ;)

Lindsay’s love of sweet tea, problem solving, & wide open spaces

Our work together is deeply rooted in data.
We don’t hypothesize or speculate without follow-through—

After all, this isn’t just about picturesque hillsides and gorgeous photo vignettes
It’s your family’s legacy, your financial potential, and your long game on the line.

Our work together is deeply rooted in data. We don’t hypothesize or speculate without follow-through—

After all, this isn’t just about picturesque hillsides and gorgeous photo vignettes
It’s your family’s legacy, your financial potential, and your long game on the line.

Here’s how we like to do things:

Understanding your goals for your property is potentially the most important step of the process—after all, you can’t draw a map if you don’t know where you’re going.

IDENTIFY the vision for your venue.

We don’t believe in flying blind—we’ll create a punch list for what has to happen & when and then go from there … and we’ll never leave ya hangin’ without training you on the systems we create.

DEVELOP a strategic plan of action.

‘Round here, you’ll hear us saying “workflow” a lot. We believe in automating & systematizing your business so it runs on cruise control with you steering the course. Balance, they said, it’ll be fun, they said. It will be fun.

WORK the flow.

I’ve got a heart for hard-working dreamers who build wedding venues to serve couples on the most joy-filled days of their lives. 

The truth is: I’ve never once dreamt of owning a wedding venue of my own, but with over a decade of experience in the industry, and nearly a decade of serving venue owners all over the country, I’d be hard-pressed to stick with one single vision if I did. 

Instead, I help make YOUR vision come to life—without being distracted by my own venue’s needs. I roll up my sleeves, pull on my boots, and get right in the trenches with you to make sure your venue’s set up for profit and long-term sustainability. 

If I could pour you a glass of sweet tea and chit-chat while rocking in chairs on the back porch, you bet I would … 

So nice bumpin’ into you here! 

Meet our team

If there’s one thing we hang our hat on around here,

it’s that it’s not just me serving our clients. I’m no one-trick pony, but I’ve assembled a team of experts to back me up on all things legal & automation—and together we serve our clients with strategy, brainstorming & good ol’ southern sweetness on the daily.

Work with lindsay & team

Whatever your goals for your venue,

there’s a way for us to come alongside you and support your vision. The Venue Academy® is the DIY avenue where you still get our team’s expert guidance, or you can hire us to work with you one-on-one to take as much off your plate as you’d like.

Thoughts from Friends, Clients, & Students

Jane Adams | Owner, Moon Shadow Haven

"It wasn’t until an RV park consultant suggested a wedding venue to us (while surveying our property to be an RV park) that we’d even considered opening one on our property.  But, of course, I was like—why didn’t we think of that?!"

Mountain Home, Texas

carl McKenzie, the luminaire

"Lindsay Lucas and company did a phenomenal job getting us prepared to work with clients! As a new business owner who has spent a lot of money creating the perfect venue, this is one of the best investments we made early on."


Let's make a plan, shall we?

With a little bit of research on your end and the Pro Forma and Profit Planner I plucked  straight out of my signature program, you’ll get a clear idea of the capital you’ll need to make your venue dreams a reality.

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