The days are long when you’re in over your head—but the road ahead is shorter than you think when you get on the path to your dreams. 

Equipping rural venue owners with an efficient and freedom-filled approach to running streamlined, highly profitable, & client-honoring businesses.


our mission

Wait, wait, wait … I said rural—yep, that’s my specialty.

just a few of my favorite things.

If your venue touts a swanky downtown vibe, I’ll happily welcome you into The Venue Academy ®— but the spots on my consulting calendar are reserved for venues in the sweet spot of my wheelhouse.

Rolling hills, open pastures, renovated barns, & horse stables … 

We can help you find your way to simpler systems, 
easy efficiency & the freedom to focus on what you do best.

We start with the data & facts about your location by looking at where your area’s headed in the next 5-to-10 years, and set up your venue to be at peak profit at the height of demand … 

It’s not all just pretty pictures around here. We dig in on strategy, streamlining, and building a business that’s ready to create your legacy—a time-honored family business or a venture ready to sell, whichever you choose, I’m here to help you build it.

Stop spending your days bogged down by trial and error.

01 | Full Service Venue Consulting

In our most robust offering, we take the work off your plate and build your business for you, putting special emphasis on making it profitable and sustainable in your specific market. 

Once everything is set and ready to go, we teach you how to run it—and support you through the learning curve. 

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Limited to 5 clients per year

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04 | Funding Prep


investment begins at: 

Getting funding for your venue is a huge step—and I want to make sure you're set up for success.

Funding prep includes a review of your business plan, proforma, & profit planner by Lindsay & her team. It also includes a 1-hour session with Lindsay to review the documents with you.


05 | 6-Month Coaching Calls


investment begins at: 

Go into your funding process with confidence

Ready to have someone to mentor you and walk you through your next steps in running a venue or getting your dream started? 

During this 6-month coaching call package, you'll have 2 calls with Lindsay a month, plus email support between calls. 

02 | Venue Site Visit

$7,500+/Texas — $12,000+/Out of State

investment begins at: 

3 days & 2 nights | Limited to 1 spot per quarter

Get Lindsay’s undivided (and semi-unfiltered) attention on your business for a few full days of nothing-held-back strategy, planning, dreaming, and more. 

There are really two kinds of site visits that might be right for you: 

One for the established venue that’s facing some challenges you’d like my help on, and one for the brand-new venue where you want my eyes on the property before you make any big moves. 


03 | Operations Overhaul


investment begins at: 

Limited to 1 revenue stream.

This is exactly what it sounds like: we’ll build out your customer relationship management platform, customizing it from start to finish with our strategies and your unique offers.

Plus we’ll train your venue manager/right hand person on how to use it in your day-to-day operations. 

1:1 mentoring support with Lindsay

That barn out back is begging to host one heck of a party … but …

You’ve got a list of questions keeping you up at night, and this is your cue to phone a friend. 

(And, you’ve got other pressing things that need your attention.)

And, if you’re looking for something more DIY than Done-for-You …




Let's make a plan, shall we?

With a little bit of research on your end and the Pro Forma and Profit Planner I plucked  straight out of my signature program, you’ll get a clear idea of the capital you’ll need to make your venue dreams a reality.

The Venue Academy® Pro Forma and Profit Planner

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