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Create the luxury wedding venue your ideal clients are dreaming about - and chart your course to long term success

Say no more, I'm in!

An in-depth partnership where my team and I offer strategic insights based on comprehensive market research, implement systems & optimizations to make running your business easier, and train you & your team to run things once we step away.

Full Service Venue Consulting
from Lindsay Lucas & Team:

Owning a venue is the biggest investment anyone
can make in this industry — and the last thing you want to do
is clumsily learn by trial and error.

If this feels a little too familiar:

You don’t have time to be googling into the wee hours of the morning and would love for someone to shoot it to ya straight.

You feel lost with a mountain of questions and you're being pulled in a million different directions — all you want is someone to help make a plan, and guide you to profitability.

You found yourself some prime real estate and were just trying to make business sense of it when the buzzing sound of the wedding industry's profits caught your attention.

You just wanted to deliver happy endings but now you’re up to your eyeballs in decisions and deadlines.

We can help make sense of it all.

The strength of any structure lies in its foundation. The Foundation holds things upright, providing strength and protection when outside forces try to wreak havoc.

At the beginning of our time together we focus on the elements that establish a strong foundation to build a profitable and sustainable business.

Foundation Work

phase 1

Knowing your market and how your product compares to local competition is the first step to being profitable.

Our team runs an in-depth market analysis covering national, regional, and local venues.

From there we establish your pricing, revenue streams, and profit margins to set your business up to grow.

Pricing & Profit Planning

phase 2

Your most underrated value proposition is your Client Experience.

We will teach you how to implement a custom client experience while gracefully enforcing boundaries.

Next, we’ll optimize your business's backbone: all of the software and systems that run your business day-to-day and allow you to step away from the business while remaining profitable. 

Client Experience & Marketing

phase 3


When you work with our team,
here's the kind of stuff we can pull off (together):

2-Hour Smart-Start Meeting to get on the same page about where you are and where you want to be in order to start building a realistic plan of action. 

2-day, 1-night Site Visit to walk the property together and spend time strategizing face-to-face.

Custom creation of your Contract, Policies & Procedures to protect and uphold the integrity of your investment. 

Competitive Pricing & Profit Planning for your market including when and how to increase your pricing according to your overhead & booking rates.
Setup & customization of your Invoicing Software to automate your finances so you’re not chasing down your payments—plus we teach your team how to use it. 

Setup of your Email Automation to streamline your client & vendor communication and get your team unstuck from behind the computer screen every day, and focused on bigger projects.

Customized setup of your Project Management System to streamline your workflows and ensure details don’t fall through the cracks. 

Development of a customized Client Experience from initial inquiry to grand exit on their wedding night … and beyond! 

Two Website Audits to ensure your messaging aligns with your long-term goals. 

Education on Social Media platforms, strategies, and tools for marketing your business online.

Guidance on Advertising options with up-to-date Marketing materials.

A strategic Exit Plan for the end of our time together to ensure you continue booking at a consistent rate, hitting target profits & upholding client experience. 


“We went through nine banks to get funding,  and Lindsay was my rock through it all, never letting me give up.”

"My hope and dream is that this venue becomes my family's legacy in a sense: we can retire my dad, and my husband & I can get to a point financially where we're comfortable and can build our business to a place where we're also giving back more.

Through it all, Lindsay has always been the one making sure that we were protecting (our long-term goals)—not just wishing and hoping that we were doing things right. She is always there to lend a realistic view when I'm struggling with something.”

Emily Mays

owner, forever 5 events | conroe, texas

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

1. Do you offer payment plans?

YES! We offer installment plans that allow flexibility in your financial commitment.

2. I don’t have time for this—can you do it for me? 

We do all the setup and lead all of the guided learning so you can train your team. Not into that? It’s cool—we’ll happily train your team on your behalf.

Our entire process takes about 6-9 months, and throughout we’ll expect you to make time for calls, provide feedback and answer questions.

Well, it depends. For Full Service 1:1 consulting, we often book 6-9 months in advance, but for custom packages, the timeline is generally shorter. Need something fast? Reach out and we’ll see if we can serve you.

5. Am I ready? Do I need to have certain things done first?

Odds are if you’ve read this far, you’re either ready to work with us (and you know it) or you’re just super curious about the industry—either way, thanks for taking the time out. That said—if you’re genuinely interested in our help with your endeavor, fill out an application and we can discuss the particulars on a call before you’re locked in.

4. How soon can we get started?

Maybe you’re stuck thinking you don’t have what it takes to be a successful venue owner— but that’s the fear talking. (Pssst! Fear is a dad-gum liar.) We can make this venture into everything you ever dreamed it could be … and more. Let’s chat.  

I know it might feel like you’ve gotten in waaayyyy
over your head—I can help.

you ready to do this thing or what?