I hear you. I see you.

I’ve bottled up our 1:1 coaching program and turned it into a streamlined online course and community for you to learn and grow at your own pace. 

Want a trusted and proven roadmap to create a profitable and sustainable wedding venue?

Hey venue owner + dreamer




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You’re a wedding vendor that’s been taking notes at each venue you’ve served your clients in. You know where to incorporate good lighting or what makes a venue structurally sound for suspended arrangements or what floor plans flow best on wedding days.

What you don’t know is what the path to venue ownership looks like. Where and how do you get started? Do you even have what it takes?


You’ve been busting it in the corporate world for years, clocking in and out of your sanity from 9-5.

You’ve caught the buzz of the wedding industry and your gut is telling you it’s your golden ticket - but how do you make the leap? What are the first steps you need to take?


You inherited prime real estate and the barn onsite has great bones with a lot of potential.

You have an eye for design that would make Joanna Gaines proud but how do you make business sense out of it? How do you get eyes on your property?


You’re a well-seasoned venue, feeling like your best days are behind you. Generation Z speaks a different language than you. The idea of new systems, softwares, and 'keeping up with the Joneses' makes your head spin.

You know you need to stop treading water but don’t know how or where to begin - what part of the business do you triage first? 



Which one sounds like you?

I see you pinning images of beautiful architecture in-between meetings with couples to discuss their wedding timeline.

I see you daydreaming of a glorious, light-filled bridal suite while you wait to show your bride how she glowed during her bridal session.

I see you googling "How To Start A Wedding Venue" as you sit in your tiny cubicle.

The Good News is

Every time you sink deeper and deeper into that dream, something always pulls you back . . .

Here's the thing. I've been in the wedding industry for 10+ years now. I know all too well the mental, physical and financial commitment it takes to own and operate a successful wedding venue.

I also know that a venue is the biggest investment anyone can make in this industry. When you have investors breathing down your neck or a banker waiting for your quarterly report, the last thing you want to do is to learn by trial and error.

I know you feel overwhelmed. You feel like you don't have what it takes. But that's the fear talking and you know what?


You've climbed ladders. You've built businesses. You've persevered. Now it's time to turn your dream into a reality.

Fear is a LIAR!

Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure.

no joke!

I’ve worked 1:1 with venue owners all across the nation. Each coming to me with a different background and at different stages of venue ownership.

I’ve worked with established venues, new venues, and even aspiring venue owners leading each of them down the path to a profitable and sustainable business.

why this program was made for you ...

Are you READY to conquer your fear and turn that dream into reality?

let me introduce you to . . .

The most comprehensive evergreen online course and community for venue owners on the market. LIFETIME ACCESS!

16 Modules of Core Curriculum

Let's cut to the chase . . . here's what you'll find inside:

how to get started
what to look for in a property
vendor to venue
market research
how to write a business plan
discover your ideal business model
funding to profitability
software, crm, workflow, automations
client contracts
policies and procedures
web presence
marketing and advertising
elevated client experience
growing your team
event management
best practices for reviews
bonus training - expert guests

Oh my!





Lifetime access to
The Venue Academy ®

16 Modules of
Core Curriculum

75 Tried + Tested

Bonus Training by
Guest Experts

+ Printables

Private Community
 for Venue Owners

Work at your
own pace

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What's the catch?
Is this going to cost me an arm and a leg?

This course is evergreen, meaning we are continually adding new educational material and adjusting the price.  This is the lowest price the course will ever be!

Get instant access to The Venue Academy® for 12 payments of  $340 ($4080 total).




Get instant access to The Venue Academy® for 4 payments of $900 ($3600 total).



4 Payments of

Go all in with a one-time payment of $3000 and save up to $1080 on your investment.



1 payment of

If you’re hustlin’ a full time job, juggling mom life, or trying to keep your head above water in busy season, don’t you worry your pretty little head about falling behind.

You have Lifetime Access!

plus . . .

It seems there are plenty of groups to turn to and seek advice and support when you’re a vendor, but what about venue owners?

When you have investors with deep pockets to report to, you can’t exactly admit that you don’t have this whole thing figured out.

You need a safe place to ask questions. You need trusted friends who can meet you right where you are in this journey and give you advice and share their experiences.

100% Private community

a Private Online Community

our community is your safe haven!

Private Facebook Group


The TVA Community is here to help answer your questions—we're all in this together! 


Only The Venue Academy® students are a part of this Facebook group!

Here's what our
community provides:

Because tooting our own horn is awkward . . .

here's what our students + community members have to say

"The Venue Academy® literally changed our lives. We had always wanted to open a wedding venue and had started the journey before TVA was open, and we were struggling. We couldn’t find a bank that believed in us; we couldn’t find a bank that understood the wedding industry. With the help of the Business Plan alone, it was worth every dollar we spent on TVA. Once we changed our Business Plan to fit the structure inside of TVA, we got the bank’s approval within 2 months."

Emily M.

You have developed a system that is amazing for business owners like me with no extra time to waste learning on my own. Almost daily we look back and can't believe how hard our own system was even though we had spent loads of time simplifying and streamlining. Incorporating Dubsado has made our client interactions from beginning to end so much better, which in turn will give our clients the very best client experience. Thank you! 

Lauren R.

24 hour money-back guarantee

I’ve been in the wedding industry for 10+ years, heavily studied venues for 6 years, and have produced millions of dollars in revenue for various venues across the nation. I have full confidence that this curriculum will work for you if you’re committed to putting in the effort.

However, if you’re on the fence or if you think another course *might someday* be created and better suited for you, then I want to give you every chance possible to “buy it and build it” with complete confidence.

Let me address a few things you might be thinking . . .

I don't feel ready to start a venue.

The beauty of The Venue Academy® is that there are several modules that show you what it takes to become a venue owner and they give you a front row seat of what you’re up against. This is the smallest investment you can make to know for certain if venue ownership is right for you.

I'm already own a venue. Is this course for me or new venues only?

The Venue Academy® does start from the very beginning to help aspiring venue owners decide if this journey is right for them, but there is massive value for established venues. Everything from giving your contract the once over for potential holes to maximizing your marketing efforts to growing your team.

What makes you an expert? I read that you (Lindsay) have never owned a venue.

First, thank you for being brave enough to ask this question! I’m grateful for the opportunity to address the elephant in the room. No, I have never owned my own venue, nor do I plan to in the years to come.

First, thank you for being brave enough to ask this question! I’m grateful for the opportunity to address the elephant in the room. No, I have never owned my own venue, nor do I plan to in the years to come.

However here are a few stats for you.


I spent 10 years in the wedding industry as a planner. A wedding planner is the only professional in the industry that intimately knows the pulse of every other wedding professional. Because of this, I know not only what a venue owner needs but also what vendors are looking for in a partnership with a venue and what will have them singing your praises.



I've helped 13 one-on-one clients surpass their annual (net) profit goals and guided them to secure a combined $14M+ in funding—learn more about our Full Service Venue Consulting Services.


Since 2016, I've studied venues and most markets nationwide. I know how brides today think and what venue offerings are attractive to them.



I've personally managed two different wedding venues in my local market and quarter-backed each of them to record-breaking sales.



I've given planners, photographers and a florist their weekends back. #amen

I rescued an overwhelmed mompreneur from being absent in her children's lives and she is now with them at the dinner table every evening and tucking them in at night. #hallelujah

I've shown corporate clients in stressful professions how to retire early. They've traded courtrooms and operating tables for careers hosting fairytales. #thankyoulord

I helped a husband and wife create a business together that they truly love.

I understand numbers are attractive and a large portion of our businesses are dictated by them, but here are the results that I’m REALLY proud of ...

Consider this your blueprint guide to turning that crazy dream of yours into an action plan for the venue of your dreams!

How to know if you are a good fit for

You often Google ‘How to Start a Wedding Venue’ and send up a silent prayer hoping your search will actually return something useful this time. 

You watch the clock counting down the minutes every day at your 9-5 while rolling your eyes at Brad, the kiss-ass who’s going nowhere fast. If only you could replace your salary….

You’re sick and tired of windowless bridal suites and by-God, if you had it your way there would be no such thing as fluorescent lights allowed in venues...forever and ever, amen.

You wish that your eye-sore of a halfway decent barn could actually be used to give little girls fairytale endings instead of being a home to dust bunnies and nomad rodents. Ew.

You’re eyeball deep in construction and feel like a chicken running around with their head cut off. Trying to pick out tile, answer inquiries, be polite to drop in vendors, figure out if your contract is actually legally sound, change or adding to your policies, keeping up with the hundreds of emails/facebook messages/voicemails and so much more. Amongst all of this how in the world are you supposed to get a business in order?? 

You despise mowing your 17+ acres and want so badly to trade in your farmer’s tan for an income-producing property.

You’re terrified of jumping all-in and sacrificing your retirement on the possibility of a dream. If only you could dip your toe in for a fraction of the cost…

You know you want to do the damn thing but don’t have the time, money or patience for trial and error. 

You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work necessary to make this dream happen. Figuring out how to build/renovate/grow a successful wedding venue shouldn’t be a mystery that only deep pocket investors know the secret to. 




In the past year I’ve brought in over $1M in revenue for various venues across the nation. I’ve guided them through my step by step curriculum that reveals everything from how to secure funding to scaling sustainable growth and everything in between.

I first landed on the creative biz scene 10 years ago as a wedding planner. I quickly built a team under me and as our reputation proceeded us I began having new venues reach out asking to meet me. Once onsite, they asked as many questions as possible. 

What have I seen work and not work for other venues? How do they handle this scenario? Do other venues have this problem and how did they solve it? 

I soon became a trusted friend and I LOVED it. I genuinely enjoyed helping them, but soon realized in order for me to truly serve them I needed to refer them to someone. Not wanting to leave them high and dry I searched everywhere for a consultant to refer them to. 

Alas, my Google searches were a lot like yours and didn’t return much at all.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and created a step by step curriculum to guide venue owners (and those aspiring to be) on creating a business that worked for them, not the other way around.

I truly believe in teaching everything I know and not holding anything back. I’m passionate about bridging the gap in venue education, creating community between venue owners, and all the sweet tea I can handle.

The truth is: I’ve never once dreamt of owning a wedding venue of my own, but with over a decade of experience in the industry, and nearly a decade of serving venue owners all over the country, I have created this program for you!

Hey there!  I'm Lindsay


my clients have received after taking my curriculum seriously and doing the necessary work to implement it. 

Brought in an additional $500,000+ in revenue

Shaved 15 months off of their launch timeline

Increased bookings from 40 to over 100 in 8 months

Increased pricing from $4500 to $9500 per wedding

One client became a stay-at-home mom while running a successful venue

Another client traded in business overwhelm for a golf course where he spends every Monday perfecting his golf game.

am I ready to invest?

Gimme the Keys!

First, I want you to know that I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve had seasons where my dreams were much bigger than my bank account and I was scared out of my mind to take the leap of faith necessary to make that investment. 

I can tell you for me every investment I’ve ever made into my businesses has come back to me exponentially. I can also tell you that finding a business coach or consultant worth their salt will cost you way more than TVA. I know because I’ve had the coaches and I’ve been the coach. 

frequently asked questions

TVA is for everyone! While the curriculum leads newbies in the right direction, it’s also equally valuable for established venues. 

I’ve walked side by side with venues who have been in business for 10+ years and their business has been completely revamped from the education found in TVA.

That’s ok! You have lifetime access and can revisit the modules anytime. 

The only time that expires is the 6 month access to our private community. Everything else will be sittin’ pretty waiting for you. 

Hi friend, I see you and I was you not too long ago so I completely understand. However, I quickly turned that lifestyle around once I made it my goal to simply put forth enough effort to make back my investment. I reached my goal every time and you know what the best part about that goal was? The pride I felt in achieving it felt amazing and motivated me to set a higher goal and keep moving forward. 

TVA is showing you HOW to do the work but it’s up to you to implement it. The good news is, I’ll be popping into your inbox regularly with pep talks and check ins - you can consider me your own accountability buddy. PLUS you’ll have your own cheering section 24/7 in our private community. 

Here’s the thing; you’re smart and you know that owning a venue is going to cost a lot more than what this course does so if the payment plan is still a bit of a stretch for you then I’m going to do the unpopular thing and tell you to sit this round out. Owning a venue is a long game and I do not want TVA to be a reason that your dream is set back so here’s what I want you to do….

I want you to realize that you’ve got what it takes - you’ve got the brains and the attitude to knock this out of the park so taking a couple of months to save up for TVA is going to be easy for you. I'm cheering you on!

After you’re officially in the club shimmy on over to your inbox where your welcome email will be waiting for you with next steps and instructions on how to join our private community. 

Keep in mind that you can either block off time to dive into the modules each week or start when it best fits into your schedule. I wanted to make this as convenient for you as possible which is why you have lifetime access! 

You get a little more flexibility with the payment plan. The only difference between the full payment versus the payment plan is the full payment saves you $350 overall.

Everything else within the course is the same! 

Get instant access to The Venue Academy® for 12 payments of  $340 ($4080 total).




Get instant access to The Venue Academy® for 4 payments of $900 ($3600 total).



4 Payments of

Go all in with a one-time payment of $3000 and save up to $1080 on your investment.



1 payment of

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Wondering if this is the right fit? Have a few more questions for me? I'm happy help!