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Running a wedding venue means being part of many couples’ big days—but it’s your legacy on the line.

While boundlessly rewarding and profitable, this corner of the wedding industry can be a no-man's-land of wildly overwhelming hoops to jump through.

If YOU can’t watch your blindside, you need someone who can.  Enter me.

Meet the Team

You’ve got what it takes—
you wouldn’t even consider this path if you didn’t.

Let us help make sure the heart behind your mission comes to life when we put our heads together. 

I’m the original wedding venue consultant … 

I spent countless hours (usually late at night) texting, emailing, and chatting with wedding venue owners, moonlighting as their pseudo-therapist/strategist, while also planning weddings full time, and starting my family. 

Once I realized my plate had become overwhelmed with giving advice, I also noticed I had NO ONE to hand these new friends off to … 

I made my Friends-style pivot and started serving a full roster of one-on-one venue consulting clients. It was a total deviation from what I’d spent the last decade doing—and I loved it. My notes on wedding venues that I used to use when giving brides advice became literal GOLD when I could share them with venue owners in the process of building out their properties. 

My early clients ran the full gamut of styles, locations, and more … but I found my happy place in the wide-open spaces at rural venues that offer a kind of peaceful elegance that just doesn’t exist in the big city. 

If you need boots to walk your venue and a bit of horse sense to appreciate the smell of hay in the breeze—I’m your girl. 

If Beth Dutton was going to take on a virtuous endeavor, she’d be my ideal client. In real life, Dutton Ranch would make a GORGEOUS wedding venue if I do say so myself, but I digress … 

You know how I know?

Cue my realization that I was in the wrong part of the wedding industry.

Your numbers-crunching, style-swooning, 
brainstorming buddies.

Meet the Team

Lindsay works directly with wedding venue owners to demystify the process of running a profitable, sustainable wedding venue and puts owners on the path to a business that works for them, not the other way around. Her favorite people to work with are the kind wearing dirty (but reliable) boots—farmers, ranchers, & other people who can confidently ride a horse. If you’re the type who likes to look off over the horizon & not see your neighbors … she’s all in.

Since 2016, Lindsay’s helped more than 700 venue owners secure funding, scale for sustainable growth, and everything in between. Her portfolio of clients includes venue properties accounting for more than $46M in revenue over the last 6 years. 

Wife. Mom. Venue consultant. Sweet-tea addict.

When she’s not in the office or running carpool, you can find Lindsay daydreaming about walking the rows of dahlias at Floret Flower Farm (still waiting on her invite) or how she’d turn Yellowstone Ranch into Beth Dutton’s most virtuous business venture.

Lindsay Lucas

founder  & lead consultant

Brooke brings over 15+ years of professional experience to our consulting firm. She's a former corporate accountant, wedding professional, and project manager.

As the COO & systems expert, she oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of our 1:1 clients, our team, & visionary ventures.

Brooke Olsen

chief operating officer

Paige Hulse received her Juris Doctorate from The University of Tulsa and is the owner and lead attorney of Paige Hulse Law, the founder of The Creative Law Shop® (CLS), Co-Founder of the Special Forces Support Fund™ and the owner of Fairway Stables™.

As a passionate serial entrepreneur, Equine, Trademark + Business Lawyer and trusted speaker, she's been immersed in the entrepreneurial business field for nearly a decade, and is able to impart her immense knowledge with each client. When she's not protecting client intellectual property rights, or advocating for her clients, she's spending time in the barn with her husband, horses, and dogs while building out their horse farm.

Connect with Paige on her website at or find her on Instagram at @thepaigehulse and @creativelawshop.

Paige Hulse

Legal Team

Trusted by

"Incredibly knowledgeable in the wedding venue space"

Lindsay is an incredibly knowledgeable individual in the wedding and events space. I couldn’t be more proud to say that she’s in my network, and if you’re thinking about working with her, I highly recommend it.

- Jonathan, Host of the Venue Rx Podcast & owner of common sense events

"You have developed a system that is amazing for business owners like me with no extra time to learn on my own. Nich and I were overwhelmed with all of the things we were juggling so to have you present us with the CRM system broken down into bite size homework and lessons that are suited specifically to venue owners was truly priceless.

Almost daily we look back and can't believe how hard our own system was even though we had spent loads of time simplifying and streamlining. Incorporating Dubsado has made our client interactions from beginning to end so much better, which in turn will give our clients the very best client experience. Thank you!"


Lockhart, Texas

We’re on your side with ideas & insights—we’ll help you develop your property, systems, and customer experience to build a great reputation, profit, and sustainable business.

We don’t take legacy lightly—we will help you build, grow, and sustain the kind of business that can make everything from retirement dreams to Room Mom life and everything in between become a reality. 

We won’t put you in a box—we’ll give you parameters and guidance,  but let your dreams and ideas lead the way.

You don’t have to do it all—we’ll help you find margin AND meaning in your work without sacrificing efficiency and proper systems. 

We’ll give you the fish, then teach you how to fish—our team does the heavy lifting building out the business but then TEACHES you how to run and grow it on your own. 

Here’s what we can promise you:

We don’t take working for YOUR business for granted.

How’s that sound?

Thoughts from Friends, Clients, & Students

Peggy H.

Before working with Lindsay, we knew we had a good place to build a venue business, but after her visit, we KNEW we had a GREAT place to build our venue. She could see with an expert eye what we hope for and that was very encouraging. Also, Lindsay's walking me through a tour (with me as the bride) was very helpful - I can totally picture me doing it now.

She generously gave us as much value in our time together as possible, working through big topics and giving us little random nuggets as well. I wish we could do a Vulcan mind meld with Lindsay! Her attitude was never superior or critical or doubtful of us, just encouraging and sharing. We were very at ease with her. It's a good thing for her she is not our next door neighbor - I would always be inviting her over for sweet tea and "so Lindsay, what do you think of this?!"

Riverbend Orchard

S. Rack

"I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lindsay about my potential rooftop event venue. I was swimming in doubt going into the conversation but came out of it confident in the direction I want to take my rooftop event venue. I felt like I was talking to an old friend who has a ton of knowledge on event venues. I look forward to following up and speaking with Lindsay again in the future."

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