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Natural Disaster Plug & Play Email Templates

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Natural disasters are scary in general and we all hope we are never in a situation where we have to put the Force Majeure clause of our contract into action but it helps to be prepared. 
Please know that I hope you NEVER have to use these email templates. 
However, as a friend and as a survivor of Hurricane Harvey, I want you to be as prepared as possible and many times after a natural disaster, words are hard to find. In which case, these templates can help. 

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what's included

what's included

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One customizable email auto-responder

As natural disasters approach, anxiety builds from everyone. Your email and phone will be ringing nonstop with lots of questions. Use this template to customize your autoresponder to keep brides and vendors informed as much as you can. 

two customizable email templates

Email 1: Reaching out to show fellow venue owner friends support, to offer condolences/help, and make them aware of your availability should they need to transfer events. Natural disasters are a delicate situation because you certainly don’t want to come off as someone who is benefitting from their loss. This email template will help you to navigate those waters gracefully.

Email 2: In the unfortunate event your venue has withstood damage and cannot fulfill some contracted events this email template will guide you in how to ask for help discreetly so as not to alarm current/potential clients.

Protect yourself and your clients

with the free Natural Disaster Email Templates