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Business Audit

Think of the Business Audit as a checks-and-balances process in every major area of your business.

Take your venue to new heights!

what's included


To help you stay on track throughout the audit process.


Instant access to a 48-page downloadable workbook walking you through what your marketing efforts so far have been producing in your business. It guides you through digging into the numbers, analyzing the metrics, and setting new metric goals. It also shows you the best way to take a high level view of your upcoming year from a marketing perspective, walks you through the prep work, strategies and tactics. By the time you get through the workbook you will have drafted your custom marketing plan and be able to start implementing immediately.

Instant access to a 23-page downloadable workbook walking you through how to audit the 5 primary pillars in your business - legal, finances, operations, online presence and marketing and advertising (with a bonus category on goal setting). This workbook will guide you through how to take an analytical assessment of what has worked or not worked in your business, note areas of improvement and help you plan for growth. 



Have you ever found yourself giving the same reminders to clients and vendors over and over? Did you learn any hard lessons this year (been there)? Is your profit margin the same every year with zero growth or worse, decreasing? Do you feel like you have a ton of miscellaneous business tasks and updates to make but you can't seem to find the time to do them and they somehow slip through the cracks causing mini mistakes to repeat themselves? 

We've all been there.

The Business Audit walks you through how to review, edit and plan for growth on the 5 main pillars in your business - Legal, Finances, Operations, Online Presence and Marketing and Advertising. There's even a bonus category to help you set intentional and achievable goals. Each step within the Audit gives you time estimates to help you block off time in your calendar and focus on your business' growth. 


$ 299

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Business Audit

$ 299

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Stop surviving in your business day to day. Instead learn how to review, edit and plan for yearly growth at a pace that feels good to you.