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Bundle: 60+ Plug & Play
Email Templates

60+ Plug & Play  
Email Templates

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These 60+ email templates were specifically written for venues and cover a wide range of topics and circumstances. From how to gracefully respond to awkward/tricky situations to gathering needed information from clients, cultivating community with vendors and so much MORE! These email templates were written in an easy plug and play format with instructions to help you efficiently customize each one to your brand’s voice.

Words are hard, and as a venue owner, there are a million other things your time is better spent on rather than drafting yet another email or worse staring at the blinking cursor of death because you have no clue how to respond. 

the workflow secret weapon that
gives you your life back!


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what's included

what's included

32-Page Instructional document

Instant access to a 32-page downloadable document with instructions on how to customize each email to your unique venue in SECONDS.

over 60 plug & play customizable templates

Over 60 plug and play email templates that will provide you consistency and efficiency with inquiries, clients, and vendors. Templates such as:

Nurturing Leads 

Tour Scheduling& Follow-Up

Proposal Emails

Responses to Requests for Contract Amendments

Vendor emails

Responses to Discount/Donation Requests

Insurance Emails

On-Boarding Sequences

Notice of Policies & Procedures

Payment Reminders

Late Payments & Associated Fees

Booked Bride Sequences

Emails for In-House Services

Floorplan Requests

Security Deposit Request

Loss of Deposit Template

Offboarding Sequences

And so. many. others.

"These emails not only saved me so much time in client communication but ..."

- student of The Venue Academy

"they helped me see that I was missing key elements in my workflow"

 "... as well. Thank you for putting these together!"

Trade screen time for family/fun time

with these customizable Email Templates!