What is a Wedding Venue Consultant? (Everything you need to know)

What is a Venue Consultant?

New Venue Owners

A wedding venue consultant Lindsay Lucas stand at the door of a wedding venue barn with a client as they talk

You might be wondering, what is a wedding venue consultant? A wedding venue consultant helps wedding venue owners or those aspiring to be wedding venue owners, to build and streamline the business side of their venue. While the venue consultant is focused on the business side of things this allows the venue owner the freedom to focus solely on the construction/renovation process or on serving their current clients well without any distractions. 

Wedding venue consultant Lindsay Lucas stands in the courtyard of a wedding venue in a blue dress smiling. The words "what is a venue consultant" overlay the image

Hi friends, I’m Lindsay and I have been a wedding venue consultant for four years now. While my clients are focusing on building a unique and attractive wedding venue for their clients, I come in and build a strong foundation for their business. I put systems and software in place, teach my clients how to run their business more efficiently, make it profitable, and most importantly, sustainable in a market that is constantly evolving. As business owners, it is important that we are constantly adapting and growing in our business according to what the market is doing and according to what our clients want and need. The good news is, I can show you how to do that with your venue.

I coach my clients on how to protect their investment, implement policies and procedures, have an unparalleled client experience, gracefully enforce boundaries, and how to attract potential clients with their online presence. I truly love what I do and am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to help my clients build their dream venue.

Allow me to introduce myself and share more about how I can serve you by clicking the video below.

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Awkward photo for your viewing pleasure. Does anyone else talk with their hands?? I’m pretty sure if my hands were tied behind my back I would not be able to string a sentence together.

An image promoting a free tool for wedding venues reads, "Want tot track your expenses, increase your profits & crush your goals? Get the tool I use with my 1 on 1 clients. Click here to download the free profit planner"

  1. Sylvia Pflum says:

    We are interested in purchasing a 4 acre tract of land between Highlands NC and Franklin NC for a wedding venue-it’s on 500 feet of the river And beautiful. How can we hire you as a consultant? My cell is 704-807-4466.
    Thank you, Sylvia Pflum

  2. Bobby Kyser says:

    Hey there Lindsey. I’m looking for a venue consultant for a church/ gardens in Kansas City. I am a 16 year industry wedding planner and we are creating an event business model for my church. We need some organizational/marketing help. My cell is 502-500-7415. Blessings ❤️

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