Wedding venue consultant - why wedding venues need one

Wedding venue consultant – what is that exactly?

Venue Owners

wedding venue consultant

A wedding venue consultant helps wedding venue owners or those aspiring to be, to build the business side of their venue. While the venue owner is building the pretty venue or focusing on serving clients, a consultant will be building the business.

Hi friends, I’m Lindsay and I own The Lindsay Lucas. I’m a wedding venue consultant and I serve venue owners or those who have big dreams of owning their own venue and are ready to take action on that dream. While my clients are focusing on building a unique and attractive wedding venue for brides, I come in and build a strong foundation for their business. I put systems and softwares in place, teach my clients how to run their business efficiently, make it profitable, and most importantly sustainable in a market that’s constantly evolving. As business owners, it’s important that we are constantly evolving and growing in our business according to what the market is doing and according to what our clients want. I can show you how to do that with your venue.

I coach my clients on how to protect their investment, implement policies and procedures, have an unparalleled client experience, gracefully enforce boundaries, and how to attract potential clients with their online presence. I truly love what I do and am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with my clients building their dream.

Allow me to introduce myself and share more about how I can serve you by clicking the photo below.

wedding venue consultant

Awkward photo for your viewing pleasure. Does anyone else talk with their hands?? I’m pretty sure if my hands were tied behind my back I wouldn’t be able to string a sentence together.

wedding venue consulting


  1. Bill Roberts says:

    We are contemplating starting a wedding/event center on our property in Edmond, OK. We are reaching out to see what services you provide.

  2. Celess says:


    Do you still offer wedding venue consulting services?

    Thank you 🙂

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