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Bride Guide & Email Templates

The Bride Guide &
Email Templates

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As business owners, parents, wives, husbands, (insert your most cherished title here) time is invaluable. You’ll reach a point in your business where time, not money, is your driving force and it’s the one thing that you seek more than anything - more time at the dinner table, more time kissing boo-boos, more time to travel, more time to sleep, more time for LIFE.

As the venue owner, you need to be concentrating on getting the right clients through the door and serving your current clients with an unparalleled experience. You do not have time to be answering the same questions over and over again. So the Bride Guide was born and it is meant to be your clients “bible” so to speak. It’ll help you to create the holy grail of reference material for your clients. 

My hope with this Bride Guide is that it becomes a valuable resource for your clients and the secret weapon that gives you back more hours in the day and more time for the good stuff life has to offer. 

a valuable resource for your clients & the secret weapon that gives you your life back!


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6-Page Instructional Packet

Instant access to a 6-page instructional packet with two instructional videos on how to customize the Bride Guide to your venue.

4 plug & Play email templates to help you...

Introduce the Bride Guide to your clients.

Request updated information for the Bride Guide from third parties. 

Send the updated version annually to your vendors.

Navigate updated information, like policies and procedures, for clients who are already booked.

34-page canva Bride Guide template

Instant access to the 34-page downloadable Canva Bride Guide template, which features information such as ...

Introducing Your Team

Amenities & Inclusions

Rental Items

Helpful Hints

Available Inventory

Example Floor Plans


Policies & procedures

In-House Offerings

& So. Much. MORE!

what's included

"... our brides LOVE every single page!" 

- Texas Venue Owner

"The Bride Guide was so easy to customize to our venue and has been very helpful. I even added a page with wedding planning tips and ..."

Take care of your clients

and make more time for life with the Bride Guide Template
and make more time for life with the
Bride Guide Template